Written by Mary M. Cerullo & Beth E. Simmons

Illustrated by Kirsten Carlson

Journey thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean and investigate a mystery connecting three distinctly different animals from the California Current down to the polar waters west of the Antarctic Peninsula. Become an ocean detective and discover the connection between a seabird, a whale and a penguin and maybe you'll uncover the sea secret that links them all. Inspired by long-term scientific research, Sea Secrets: Tiny Clues to a Big Mystery invites young readers to explore two ocean ecosystems and their food webs. Field sketches, watercolors and photographs combine to reveal the clues. Sometimes it's the smallest things that turn out to be the most important!

Published in cooperation with the Long-Term Ecological Research Network and funded by the National Science Foundation, this engaging and informative illustrated children's book draws young readers into the fascinating world of science exploration, field work and ocean discovery!

Published by

Moonlight Publishing (September, 2008)

Hardcover, 32pp, illustrated


10: 0-9779603-9-0